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Dramatic Transformations:

When a severely neglected Maltese is rescued, it is difficult to determine the state of health and physical conformation until the dog is groomed and examined by a vet.  Please be aware some of these photos show extreme cases of neglect. 
Bernadette on Arrival from Shelter
Bernadette After Grooming
Juliet - First Day in Foster Home
A breeding pair, Romeo & Juliet, at time of surrender
Romeo - First Day in Foster Home
Romeo & Juliet After Grooming
Bugsy - First Day in Rescue
Bugsy - Enjoying Life in his New Adoptive Home
Bailey at the Shelter
Bailey After Grooming and
Enjoying Live in his Foster Home
Saturday - Arrival from Shelter
A Sweater is Nice after a New Short Haircut
Fluffy at the Shelter
Fluffy leaving the Vet Clinic
Lilly at the Shelter
Lilly's Adoption Day
Sammi at the Shelter
Sammi 2 Weeks Later
Manny at the Shelter
Manny's Adoption Day
Pregnant Sweetie on Arrival
Six weeks after giving Birth
Sweetie - 4 Months Later
These wonderful transformations were made possible by A.M.A. Rescue funds, generous donations and the tireless efforts of the Rescue Coordinators and dedicated foster families and volunteers.
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