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General Information on Surrendering your Maltese

American Maltese Association (AMA) Rescue is aware that surrendering a beloved Maltese that has been a member of your family is a difficult decision.  Our organization is a breed specific rescue organization for Maltese and obvious appearing Maltese mix dogs.  Please be aware that our acceptance of a Maltese, being relinquished, is based on the availability of a foster care provider in your geographical area.  Each dog accepted is placed in a foster home while searching for a permanent adoptive family.

The first step in the process to surrender your Maltese to our organization is the submission of the
Surrender Questionnaire (below) by the owner.  This form is available below.  When your Surrender Questionnaire is received, an AMA Rescue Coordinator will contact you to discuss your dog and the relinquishment process.  If your dog can be accommodated, a time is scheduled to meet you and your dog.  When your dog has been accepted as an AMA Rescue, the owner of the dog will be required to complete and sign the Release of Ownership form. At that time, your dog will become property of the American Maltese Association Rescue, and cannot be returned.

Ways to Prepare Your Maltese Prior to Surrendering

These are recommendations to help the rescue and the dog, but are NOT requirements to surrender.

•  Please have your dog examined by your veterinarian, obtain dental care if needed, have a microchip inserted if not present, have the dog neutered or spayed, and obtain veterinary recommended vaccinations.  Copies of your dog’s medical records should accompany your dog at the time of surrender.

•  Get your Maltese groomed.

•  A donation is strongly suggested, and greatly appreciated, to help defray costs involved for the care of your dog while we find the ideal Forever Home for him/her.
If you are unable to complete this online questionnaire or if you would prefer to fill out a printable questionnaire and mail it in,
you can do so by
clicking here.

If you are using a Mobile Device and having difficulty submitting this application, please try again from a computer.
Daytime Phone Number:
Evening Phone Number:
Best time to call
Email Address
Reason for Surrendering Your Dog

Name of Dog
Dog's Age / Date of Birth
How much does the dog weigh?
How long has your dog lived with you?
Where/how did you acquire this dog?
If your dog was purchased from a breeder, have you contacted the breeder to help find a new home?
If yes, what was the breeder's response?
Does your dog have a Microchip?
Microchip Maker
Microchip Number

Name of Veterinarian
City, State and Zip Code
Is your dog Spayed or Neutered?
If not, what is the date of the last heat cycle?
Is your dog current on DHPP & Rabies Vaccinations? (Please bring shot records with you)
Date of last test for Heartworms
Describe any health problems your dog is experiencing:
List any medication(s) your dog is taking:

How does your dog relate to other dogs?
How does your dog relate to cats?
Describe your dog's experience with children under the age of 6 years old:
How does your dog respond when meeting people for the first time?
When you are away from your home, where does the dog stay?
Where does your dog sleep at night?
Describe the house training habits of your dog:
Does your dog use pads in your home for toileting?
Does your dog use a doggie door to go outside?
What commands does your dog know?
Describe how your dog walks with a leash (distance & frequency)
Has your dog ever shown any food or toy aggression?
If yes, describe your dog's behavior:
Has your dog ever shown aggression such as growling, snapping or biting?
If yes, describe:
Has your dog ever bitten a person?
If Yes, please describe the event:
Describe the ideal adoptive family for your dog (examples with or without children, other dogs or cats, house atmosphere).
Please feel free to add any information that you feel may be relevant or helpful in selecting the best adoptive home for your dog.


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