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Our Special Angels

These are our Special Angels, dogs that have come to us with some condition that will prevent them from being adoptable.  They may be blind, in  hospice care, or have doggie dementia (CCD).  Whatever their illness, AMAR accepts them, and our volunteer foster homes take them in to provide love and stability for the remainder of their lives.  Some call them Forever Fosters.  This is a list of the Forever Fosters in our care at the current time, and their stories.

If you would like to help support the ongoing support and medical expenses for any one of these Special Angels, please click on the Donate button below each dog.  You can set-up monthly payments to help them. 

Donations requested for a particular dog will all go toward that dog's care.  All overflow donations or funds will go toward our Mission of saving other Maltese dogs.

We thank you.
Donations requested for a particular dog will all go toward that dog's care. 
All overflow donations or funds will go toward our Mission of saving other Maltese dogs.
Frosty's Story

Our darling Frosty left us for the Rainbow Bridge in late 2023.  He is now with his adoptive mom and sister, and disease/pain free.

AMARescue would like to thank all of you wonderful people who donated funds to help with his medications these last few years of his life.  He was happy until the end, and died in the arms of his loving foster parents.  If there are any funds donated to Frosty left over after his final medical bills, it will be applied to some other foster dog's medicines.  Thank you for your kind devotion. 

This is Frosty.  He is one of our Special Angels, because he is a senior of 13 years, with Cushings disease, pancreatitis, dry eye, sensitive GI tract, and more.  A former puppy mill breeder, he is in rescue for the second time in his life, due to the death of two family members.  We recently learned that he has transitional cell carcinoma in his bladder.  The vet estimates his life expectancy at 3 months.

Frosty is loved, and cared for, by one of our AMAR foster families.  They are spoiling him and will be with him to the bitter end, making sure he enjoys maximum quality of life with the least amount of pain.

Special Angels, like Frosty, cost a great deal to maintain.  You can help them with monthly donations.
If you would like to sponsor one of our Special Angels, please use the PayPal Donate Button to help with Oscar's monthly costs.
Oscar's Story

Oscar is a Maltese mix, though it's hard to know what breed he was, from his intake photo. We were alerted about him by a shelter in VA, where he was picked up as a stray in deplorable condition. American Maltese Association Rescue took him into rescue and found that under that matted hair he had a very large growth on the left side of his anus. It caused him pain and made it very hard for him to defecate at all. This sweet boy needed immediate surgery to fix all that was wrong with him. The diagnostics, tests and surgery came to $7000, an amount that has severely depleted our funds. There have been some complications too and he may need some more medical intervention.

Won’t you please help us pay off that bill?
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