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American Maltese Association Rescue (AMAR) is aware that surrendering a beloved Maltese, who has been a member of your family, is a difficult decision.  Our organization is a breed specific rescue organization for Maltese and Maltese mix dogs. Please be aware that our acceptance of a Maltese being relinquished, is based on the availability of a foster care provider in your geographical area. We are not a shelter. Each dog accepted is placed in a foster home, while we search for a permanent adoptive family.

The first step in the process to surrender your Maltese to our organization is the submission of the Owner Release Questionnaire (below) by the owner. When your questionnaire is received, an AMAR Coordinator will contact you to discuss your dog and the relinquishment process.  If your dog can be accommodated, a time is scheduled to meet you and your dog.  When your dog has been accepted to our rescue, the owner(s) of the dog will be required to complete and sign a Release of Ownership form. If a spouse is involved, both must sign the release. At that time, your dog will become property of the American Maltese Association Rescue, and cannot be returned. 


If you are notified that we can take your surrender, please have all vet records and microchip information ready to give to the foster, if available. You can also have your vet send the dog’s records to our coordinator. We also ask you to send any toys, bed, blanket, food, harness and leash that might help with the dog’s transition, as well as written info about the dog’s schedule.

“Thank you for your care, it has been the hardest thing we've ever faced. Knowing her dogs will be happy is a blessing.”

Morgan J.

New York

“I wish my mom had been well enough to keep her, but I am also overjoyed that I found YOU and you were able to find her a lovely new home. You have been an amazing help during this really stressful time. I can't thank you enough.”

Lisa D.


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