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It doesn't happen overnight.

The 3/3/3 rule is a general guideline for the adjustment period of a dog after adoption.

Every dog is unique & will adjust differently.



  • Feeling overwhelmed

  • May feel scared/unsure of what's going on

  • Not comfortable enough to be themself

  • May not want to eat or drink

  • Shuts down and/or hides under furniture

  • Tests the boundaries



  • Starts settling in

  • Feels more comfortable

  • Figures out their environment

  • Gets into a routine

  • Lets guard down. May begin to show true personality

  • Behavior issues may start appearing



  • Finally feels completely in their home

  • Begins to build trust and a true bond

  • Gains a complete sense of security with their new family

  • Sets into a routine

Making Plans for your Pet in the Event of an Emergency

As a rescue, we’ve seen an increasing number of dogs come to us because their owners have passed away, developed dementia or gone into a senior care facility, like assisted living. We’re also contacted by relatives who were left a dog by a senior relative who passed, but can’t or don’t want to care for it. The time to think about, and plan for your pet’s future if anything happens to you, is NOW and you need to draft a legal plan for your pet’s care and have it in an accessible place.  


Here are some ideas to think about and discuss with your own  lawyer from Debra Hamilton, Esq., Principal Attorney at Hamilton Law & Mediation. Thank you to the Schwarzman Animal Medical Center of New York City for allowing us to share this video. 

None of us want to think of a time when our pet may be without us, but as we age we need to think about what will happen to our pets if something happens to us. Even if you’re young and healthy, accidents can happen and you never want your pet to end up in a shelter, when you could have planned for their future. Setting up a pet trust NOW will help you rest assured that your beloved pet will be where you want him or her even if you’re not there. 


Here is a link to a very informative article by Monica Weymouth called “What is a Pet Trust? (And Do You Need One?)” published on Chewy’s “Be Smart” Blog. It will help provide you with what to take into account: 

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