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In reality every AMAR dog is a success story.  All rescue Maltese desire and deserve a forever home. The photos and stories of the rescue dogs featured in this section, represent some of our rescues with complex health problems or injuries, as well as some of our older Maltese.  These are just a few of our successful placements.


Sandy and Dandy

Sandy and Dandy were a bonded pair of seniors when we rescued them. Their mother died and her son then kept them in a basement washroom for three years. They had no medical care and were neglected and living in filth. Sandy had 59 bladder stones! Our vet was able to perform surgery to remove them. Dandy had diabetes and was blind from it. We put her on insulin and she has to have eye drops the rest of her life. They’re both thriving and were adopted by their mom in NH, who loves her girls so much.






Paige was called “the red dog” by our AMAR coordinator because when she was surrendered to her, she had only a little tuft of hair, and the rest of her body was red from being inflamed and scratching endlessly. After a year in foster care, and a lot of hard work and trial and error, one of our amazing foster moms and her vet, got a handle on her allergies and were able to turn her around with a special diet and some allergy meds. She has a beautiful coat of thick white hair now, and loves her new forever family.  

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