Special Angels
Unadoptable dogs needing your support. 

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Homeless / Sick Maltese need YOU!

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NEVER buy a dog from a Pet Store. 

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AMAR operates strictly on donations from the public.  100% of all rescued Maltese need medical attention of some kind; some much more than others.  AMAR pays for all these Vet expenses prior to putting a dog up for adoption, and Adoption Fees rarely cover a dog’s expenses.  We need your help to continue saving these little innocents.  Please use this button to help them now??”
Sponsor a Special Angel

Can’t foster, but want to help AMAR?  Sponsor a Special Angel!

What is a Special Angel?  Our Special Angel are also known as Forever Fosters.  These are dogs
saved by AMAR who, for a variety of reasons, cannot be put up for adoption.  They will remain
foster dogs, under AMAR’s care, for the remainder of their lives.  These dogs usually have long
term medical or emotional issues; for example, a blind dog, or a dog with doggie dementia,
already familiar with their foster home, and it would be too stressful for them to relocate to another
Now you can be a Sponsor for one, or more, of these
dogs, providing part, or all, the financial needs, while our
foster homes provide the care and love.  These dogs have
the same needs as healthy dogs, and then some.  Many
need special foods, physical therapy, special equipment,
continuing medical and grooming, etc.  Sponsors can
help with these expenses.

Visit our Special Angels page, and underneath each of
the Special Angel’s story there is a button you can use if
you are interested in sponsoring that particular dog. 

Won’t you please sponsor a Special Angel today?
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The general public sees Maltese dogs as the dog-snobs of the world, status symbols,
with beautiful white flowing coats, owned by the elite.  But did you know that many aren’t
that lucky? 
American Maltese Association Rescue is a 501c3 organization dedicated to saving
the unlucky Maltese.
We see Maltese who have been neglected, abused, and abandoned.  They come to us from
shelters, as owner surrenders, as lost dogs found along busy highways or city streets, hoarder
homes, and puppy mills.  They come to us with broken bones, infected eyes, dangerous heart
conditions, severe emotional issues, teeth so rotten their jaw bones are deteriorated, emaciation
or excessive weight, nervous system disorders, cancer, other horrible diseases, internal
infections, and more.  What should be a beautiful white flowing coat, has turned into filthy, severe
matting, so bad that a few could barely walk, or see, or perform bodily functions.  Some have
died in our arms.  Many, many more have been saved.
AMAR doesn’t use a sanctuary.  We operate entirely with foster homes, where these dogs are
welcomed, cleaned-up, treated for their medical conditions, trained, and most of all loved, until
they are healthy enough to find their forever homes.
And AMAR doesn’t have a single paid employee.  Everyone at AMAR is a volunteer, including all
our foster homes across the nation.  AMAR functions purely with donated funds, and ALL the
money goes to help the dogs in our care.

There is no shortage of Maltese needing help, and there is no shortage of homes to adopt them. 
The missing parts of the equation are the foster homes and donations.  Can you help us? 
Become a foster home and save their lives.  If you can’t foster, please make a donation to save
their lives.”
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At AMAR we have been through a very challenging time trying to dog rescue safely during COVID-19. In order to do so, we've come up with some helpful guidelines when it comes to our furry friends and our human volunteers. There's some good info (CLICK HERE) for everyone in CDC compliance.
We now have a way for you to "blend" your love of Maltese and caffeine! It's Maltese
Coffee Company, offering freshly roasted coffee from small family, and co-family, farms
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The company sells various coffees and lots of fun Maltese merchandise including
apparel and drinkware with cute Maltese on them. Maltese Coffee Company uses the
sale of their single origin, flavored and blended coffees to help needy Maltese find new
homes. Twenty percent of their profits benefit no-kill animal shelters and Maltese rescue
operations, including American Maltese Association Rescue. 

HERE'S THE LINK TO ORDER:  https://maltesecoffeecompany.com

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We're excited to announce that AMAR has partnered with GoodPup to provide our adopters, fosters, and community members with convenient, affordable, science-based dog training.

GoodPup training is fast and effective, because it’s designed for how dogs (and dog parents) learn. Their trainers are fully invested in you and your dog. Chat with them anytime, as much as you need. They are there to provide individualized support, advice, and motivation, and are as excited as you are to celebrate your dog’s transformation.

The best part? All rescue adopters get discounted rates and GoodPup donates to our rescue for every person who signs up for training!

To receive a free week of GoodPup training, follow this link: (https://links.goodpup.com/shelter/AMAR)