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Get Involved:   How YOU Can Help

Volunteer Information

Our success in rescuing homeless and abandoned Maltese would not be possible without the help our dedicated
volunteers who willingly share their time and efforts to improve the life of a homeless Maltese.  There are many
ways that a person can help and all help is much appreciated.
Transporting Rescue Dogs

Volunteers with flexible schedules to travel to shelters or to homes of owners surrendering a Maltese are often needed.  The dog is then transported to a new foster home or veterinarian clinic.  Volunteers transporting our rescue Maltese need a reliable vehicle, auto insurance, a good driving record, and a cell phone in case of an emergency.
Home Safety Visits

Volunteers coordinate a time to meet prospective adopters, their families and pets at the applicant’s home.  The volunteer will view the home and yard to ensure a safe and secure environment for a Maltese.  During this visit, the volunteer will answer questions related to the care of the dog and discuss safe home practices to prevent accidents or exposure to dangerous items.
Foster Families

We desperately need more foster homes.   Our ideal foster family is someone who may have another small dog
and can take in one needy Maltese at a time to train and prepare for adoption.  Neglected, rescue Maltese are
often in need of immediate grooming and a nutritious diet as many are underweight.  The rescues frequently need
to be spayed or neutered and to have their teeth cleaned.   All veterinarian expenses are reimbursed.  It is common
for a Maltese rescue to stay in foster care for at 2-4 weeks.
Information on the dog’s behavior with children, cats, dogs, and other people is gained from exposure during foster
care.  A caring foster family can provide the basics that make a rescue dog more adoptable.   It's no exaggeration
to say that fostering is the most important part of a successful rescue.  Can you help us with fostering, even if it's
only one dog per year? Click Here for Foster Application.

Read our Foster Q & A Section.

AMA Rescue couldn’t survive without the help from our wonderful donors.  For those that want to make a difference
for a Maltese in need, but who cannot adopt or foster ... this is for you.  A donation of any size will make a big
difference for our rescue Maltese.  Your donation is what makes it possible for us to continue to save the lives of
Maltese in need.
Giving a donation is as easy as a few mouse clicks.  If you would like to donate through a safe online process, click on the PayPal Donate button on the left.  To learn more about PayPal, visit
A donation by check can also be mailed to us.  Please send your check to:

3015 NE 86th St
Vancouver, WA 98665
American Maltese Association Rescue
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