American Maltese Association Rescue is a national 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization staffed
entirely by dedicated volunteers caring for homeless Maltese and securing adoptive families.  Maltese
come to rescue from many sources, animal shelters, death of the primary caretaker, people whose
health has changed, and those facing loss of home.

All AMA Rescue Maltese are cared for by approved foster families.  Our available rescue dogs tend to
be located in areas of the country with active volunteers and available foster homes.  More homeless
Maltese could be accepted if we had more foster families.  Please consider this worthwhile experience. 

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AMA Rescue couldn’t survive without the help from our wonderful donors.  For those that want to make a difference for a Maltese in need, but who cannot adopt or foster ... this is for you.  A donation of any size will make a big difference for our rescue Maltese.  Your donation is what makes it possible for us to continue to save the lives of Maltese in need.

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“Everyone, meet Jack!!! Jack (short for Jackie Paper) came to AMAR when his mom became too ill to care for him. The foster mom went to meet Jack and he seemed happy and playful. We learned that Jack was purchased at a pet store at 8 weeks old, for two children ages 4 & 6. They kept Jack until he was 14 months old and became inconvenient. They advertised him on Craigslist and this nice lady adopted him. She stated that he sometimes seemed aggressive, but it was thought to be the result of bad behavior, and being spoiled.

Jack just had his 4th birthday, and after he got to the foster home it became apparent the other things were going on with Jack. He was snappy, and growled excessively. During his first visit to the vet he was his happy, playful self. Back at the foster home the growling continued he seemingly turned anxious, and snappy at the drop of a hat. We decided to have a routine blood panel done. Little Jack has been diagnosed with a thyroid disorder, he’s pre-diabetic, and his liver numbers are dangerously high.

He also had a raging infection of undetermined origin. He has been on antibiotics for several days, started his thyroid meds, and another medication, to see if we can bring the numbers for his liver function test down.
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The Oregon Public House

April 15, 2014
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When an irresponsible breeder is investigated by animal control authorities, sometimes a rescue organization is allowed to help resolve the situation. This video documents the successful intervention by Dawn and Tammy Isley working for the American Maltese Association Rescue. These 9 Maltese dogs were taken to a veterinarian and groomer in Sherman, Texas in preparation for supervised adoptions.

We have 3 puppies and 4 adults ready to be adopted.

Levi, Lola and Rosie are the puppies and will be adopted once they have their puppy shots completed and spay and neuters.  The adult boys, Buddy, Ranger and Austin have been neutered and their dentals and updated immunizations, and are ready now.   Lexi is a 9 month old female and once spayed will be ready to be adopted. They are all located in the So. California area, in our foster homes.  We are excepting applications on all of them.
CLICK HERE to apply.
He will be tested again in 3 weeks, and will need an ultrasound guided biopsy if the numbers don’t improve.

His behavior is remarkably improved already. He seems to be feeling a lot better. We are working on his weight. He needs to lose about 3 lbs and hopefully we can keep him off insulin. He is now playing with his foster brother and having great fun.

He likes to sleep in bed with his foster mom, play with toys (OK he likes to shred them), and he’s starting to be a little cuddle bug. Jack is getting very comfortable. He’s an adorable baby; we are hoping his health issues can be stabilized so he can start on a wonderful new journey with a loving family.

Jack is in Washington State and will be available as soon as his medical issues are addressed.
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